Thursday, December 3, 2015

Week 10

The aspect of this class I most appreciated was Rob’s enthusiasm on the media and its many mediums. Class is more enjoyable when the teacher likes what they teach and that was definitely the case for this term. I really liked doing the blogs and thought they did a good job of reflecting our stance on the subjects presented. I did have fun. I think the blogs were the most important part of the class and should be focused on a little more.

The only thing that could’ve been added is a look from the other angle. Internet, TV, radio, movies, and music are all great things but maybe showing the negative aspects of media would be also useful. We did cover some negative things but we should’ve also looked at how social networking can also prevent one from getting a job or how it is slowly making us unsocial beings who stare at their phone all day. Also, more John Oliver!

I do feel like the quizzes were not that useful in showing what I've learned. I don’t think quizzes or tests ever show what a student truly knows. However, the tests were easy and open book/internet, but that may be all the more reason to cut it.

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